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Michael Brayshaw

Michael has 14 years’ experience in the German Real Estate Industry. In 2005 Michael joined a fund management team for an Anglo-Saxon Investment Group, acquiring German real estate assets for private and institutional funds. Over 3 years c. € 2 bn of mixed-use and residential properties were sourced and acquired.

In 2008 Michael co-founded a real estate investment management firm. As Head of Asset Management for a portfolio of 7000 residential units in Berlin, Michael undersaw all levels of portfolio, asset and project management. In total € c. 140 m was invested through apartment renovation and large scale projects. Michael became Chief Operating Officer, responsible for a team of 60. He oversaw all transactions which included asset and share deals, and the privatization of multifamily properties. In total c. € 800 mn of real estate was divested.

Prior to his real estate career, Michael was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley in London. Michael is a Certified Asset Manager (IREBS) and has a Bachelor with Honours in Business Management from Kings College London.

About us
About us

Rico Finster

Rico has been active for 15 years in the real estate industry. In 2006 he joined a growing German Investment Advisory Firm as Transactions Manager. During his tenure he acquired approximately € 350 m of assets for a British Investment Fund.

Between 2011 and 2014 Rico was responsible for the Berlin-based sales activities of a Swiss Investment Bank. He oversaw the structured sales process of a Berlin Residential Portfolio of 4.000 units with a total volume of € 400 m.

In 2014 Rico overtook the position of Head of Transactions at a Berlin Family Office. He prepared and executed transactions in the volume of over € 2 bn in both residential and commercial real estate.

Since 2016 Rico is managing partner of Lanovo GmbH, and has overseen the transactions in the volume of € 700 m. Rico is a Certified Real Estate Manager (DAM) and holds two Diplomas in Engineering.

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