Property Development

Our Values

“Our planet does not belong to us, we are only the guardians for future generations.” 

Sustainability is the basis of our development concept. This includes the 3 pillars of green development:

  1. Environmental Responsiveness
    • Respecting the intrinsic value of the natural environment
  2. Resource Efficiency
    • Use of few resources for the construction
    • Energy efficiency
  3. Community
    • Recognising the needs of the community

“Quality is an overarching principal that is integrated into every process and element of our projects.”

This covers:

  • Design
  • Community Planning
  • Construction Process
  • Building Materials
  • Building Technical Systems
  • Services
  • Co-operation
  • Workmanship

“Fulfiling the needs of the local community is the starting point for a successful development.”

We work hand in hand with local governments and political leaders. Meeting their requirements garners essential support, without which we will not consider a project.We strive for harmonious relations with all sections of the local and regional governments:
  1. District and town planners
  2. Nature preservation agencies
  3. Building authorities
  4. State-owned service providers and so on…

By employing a stakeholder mentality all opinions and requirements are considered with equal validity.

“The best long-term results are not generated from a short-term focus on profit maximisation.”

A sustainable, more community-orientated concept can generate competitive returns for investors. We only work with those who share our ideals and support a different approach to real estate development.

Our aim is that our sustainable concept delivers the same or higher returns than the current standard development model. Ultimately the sustainable development model should become the new standard.

The industry should become a driver towards a greener future.

“A perfect symbiosis of nature and structure.”

We create attractive living environments that withstand the test of time.

Some periods of construction are characterised by good planning and creative design. The results are still enjoyed today. Other periods that lacked these attributes created buildings that blight our landscape and communities for decades.

Our projects have an energy and longevity that will continue to be attractive for future generations.

“Enhancing collective creativity and intelligence multiplies results.”

Healthy collaboration with partners who share our values is essential. Our network includes:

  • Architects
  • Naturalists
  • Engineers
  • Suppliers of building materials
  • Advisors for integration of new technology
  • State and Local Authorities

“An open mind will forge a new path for the future.”

We seek and implement the latest technology and ideas, to re-write the manuscript:

  1. Improve the building quality and substance
  2. Make the construction process more efficient
  3. Improve energy efficiency
    a: at the production level, e.g. heating systems
    b: at the energy loss level, e.g. insulation methods
  4. Providing a living environment that meets not only today‘s technological requirements, but has the flexibility to adopt future innovations

Planning and Design Process

Every project goes through a planning process from the macro-level to the micro-level.

Our values are integrated into each stage.

Regional Planning

District and Community Planning

Architecture and Structure

Technical Services

Fixtures and Fittings

Reference Projects